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(1.0.15: Removed Herobrine)


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Simple webpage that allows you to choose which side you support in various conflicts.
HOI4 Country/News Generator

Simple webpage that allows you to create a HOI4 Country diplomatic screen and news event to go with it. Similar to superevent templates. Click here for the TNO version with a superevent.

AlternateWiki is a wiki hosted on Miraheze, run by myself, that contains pages for all kinds of scenarios such as alternate history and futures. It also has a Standalone section. Anyone is free to contribute their own pages.
Gallery of my Flags

A page on the aformentioned wiki that holds all my flags I design.


Unitary parliamentary republic

HOI4 GFX portfolio?

HOI4 Mod Ideas
Imperium Britannicum - Various
Workers of the World - The year is 1975 and the world is locked in a cold war between the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China which are fighting for control and leadership over the international communist movement.
Mushroom Wars - The Mushroom island is divided between the Mushroom Kingdom and the rival Koopa Republic. The Mushroom Kingdom is in political deadlock with a highly divided parliament full of radicals and moderates alike. The extreme nationalist-aligned and heir to the throne Princess Peach is likely to begin her reign soon with her father's ailing condition and nationalist leader Mario Mario is highly anticipated to become the next Chancellor. This serves as bad news for the Koopa Republic which is a revolutionary and collectivist state led by the military dictatorship of Bowser.